miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

The treasure of doom

Once upon a sad and distant era of fierce pirates and cruel battles, where the value of a person is measured by the bounty of the sea rescue and challenged the brave sailors. It was on one of those days when the captain and his minions Darksoul finally decided to unearth its hidden treasure.Darksoul: Open the hoodHe opened the box showing the ill-gotten gains.Darksoul: We will now distribute the rewards of our work.

Chorus of Pirates: Darksoul, Darksoul, Darksoul!

Then one said

 Oh great 
Darksoul , give me the best part, I helped you escape from the ship's port of Tunisia

The following protest

Shut up you, I murdered the governor of Jamaica and kidnapped his daughter!!

And another replied

I saved the captain more times than any of you!

Darksoul: Gentlemen please, I decide here who has what!!And that crew of merry men were turned into bitter enemies driven by greed,  starting a bloody battle in which even the captain died Darksoul, that neither the guns of Morro managed drilling.

One by one they died and only one of them could react to such a misfortune, it was Henry Blake.

How useless is to fight for the loot, better flee before I kill me!!

And he pushed through the crowd, not without shedding the blood of some old friends, until he finally managed to hide in a forest of palm trees where nobody coudl see him.

There was finally a last survivor, but when  he tryed to move the chest died as a result of his many wounds and final effort.

Henry Blake left palm`s forest just to see his dead comrades and the treasure intact.

 Oh now what I'll do, why I need  this treasure that I can not lift and almost cost me my life !!!!!

After much thought, it was decided to bury the treasure back, then made a bonfire with the bodies of his comrades and then set them fire, which ultimately led to the crew of a boat to see it and finally was rescued.

When he was safe and calm, he recalled a passage that he heard to  an old preacher as a child, something tha he never  forgotten since: What I'd better win the world if I lose my soul?

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